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Tomahawks Winning On and Off The Ice: Part Two - Junior Hockey News

Published: Sunday, 6 Jan 2013
By: Michael Gosnell

Yesterday, I brought you a story about a couple who have been attending hockey games in Johnstown for more than 50 years. They were used to watching professional hockey, but they have made the transition to junior hockey and have been impressed by the action and the Johnstown Tomahawks organization.

Now, we will see how the Tomahawks presence in Johnstown has affected a volunteer statistician, who jumped at the opportunity to join the organization.

Ron Cecconi has been involved in sports his entire life.

He is heavily involved in baseball around Johnstown and he was a statistician with the Johnstown Generals indoor football team until their demise in 2011.

It was until he received a call asking him to be a statistician for the upstart Johnstown Tomahawks.

Although he was new to being a hockey statistician, Cecconi was not a stranger to the game.

Cecconi attended Johnstown Chiefs games often.

"I would actually go to about 10 games a year," Cecconi said. "In their closing season I had season tickets."

Despite being a Chiefs fan, Cecconi offered some criticism of the way the Chiefs marketed themselves.

"They didn't seem to get out in the community enough," Cecconi said. "There was not enough commercial time or advertising time."

When the Tomahawks announced they were bringing hockey back to Johnstown, Cecconi said he was excited and thought the junior hockey game could work in the Flood City.

"I didn't know much about junior hockey but I was optimistic it would work," said Cecconi. "When they started talking about prices and what everything would be like, it sold me. To get a call to come on and become a statistician for them made me even more interested."

It has been a change in culture for the city of Johnstown.                                

The city and Chiefs had a tumultuous relationship, but the Tomahawks are rebuilt a connection with the city.

Cecconi had this to say on what the Tomahawks have done to regain the cities love for the sport of ice hockey.

"They have been out in the community. The young men visit hospitals and schools. The organization is class and they are advertising themselves well. They are Facebook reaching out to people and they are doing a great job."

There was plenty of fanfare from local businesses when the Tomahawks arrived in town.

The Tomahawks are projected to generate money into the economically depressed city and Cecconi think the Tomahawks are a great thing for Johnstown.

"This is big," said Cecconi. "It gives you something to do in the winter months. It is affordable. You can take your family and watch good hockey. It helps local businesses and boosts the economy.

The on-ice performance has also been to Cecconi's liking.

"The performance has been good," Cecconi said. "I would like to see them bring in more local talent, but the performance has been great and Jason Spence is the right guy for the job."

Cecconi also stated that the team embodies the blue-collar spirit of Johnstown, which is what the fans look for in a hockey team.

Fans and volunteers have all been affected by the Tomahawks presence in the community and the consensus from Cecconi is the organization is doing this the right way.

Tomorrow I will post my conversation with the owners of a local business that have welcomed the team and its players with open arms.


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