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Published: Wednesday, 9 Oct 2013

Coaches, Scouts and Recruiters, go here to get advanced access to the VES:

JuniorHockey.com's new Video Evaluation System (VES) is coming along very nicely and we should have some type of beta test sample operational very soon. We have simplified the system to not only reduce costs, but to make the registration process even easier. During the initial player registration, prospects are able to directly provide the information to begin building their profile. Prospects can go back into their account at anytime to add pictures, update information, and upload their initial game video to be evaluated, directly to the server.

What is the VES?

The VES is a comprehensive profile system that gives prospects the opportunity to be seen, and evaluated, by coaches, scouts, and recruiters from the entire spectrum of the game.  The prospects either upload a pre-edited four minute game video, or simply upload an entire game video and allow our production team to beak the game down to a four minute clip. The evaluation process is blind, meaning that the person scoring is only aware of the prospect's number, age, and position. It is not until after the video is scored can the scorer identify the prospect.

This is a very important component to the system because it removes any preconceived opinions about the prospect and the scoring is based purely one what the coaches are seeing on the ice.

We have followed suggestions to make the VES evaluation process as simple as possible while getting the most important criteria points that can be identified using video. We have also listened and implemented the ideas of other coaches that have voiced their thoughts. Scoring must be an average of all evaluations, the prospect must not have the ability to see exactly who evaluated them, and that the evaluation must be blind meaning that the coach will only know the player's age, number, and position before the evaluation is completed. 

Upon the conclusion of the evaluation, the coach may elect to follow the progress of the prospect and will get an email alert whenever that profile is updated or VES score is changed. With that in mind, while viewing other Prospects List profiles, coaches can chose to follow the progress of any of the prospects and get the same alerts.

Prospect contact is also a huge concern. Only approved coaches (and scouts) will have the ability to contact our prospects, and even then, will be able to do so only through the system. We will screen messages to ensure that coaches are not trying to poach players laterally. A coach that crosses that line will be warned the first time and deleted the second. 

Coaches and scouts will be listed as VES participants and this is where the system has the most value. That list of coaches, along with their current team affiliation, will be instrumental in not only filling the Prospects List, but also fill hosted Prospect ID Events worldwide.

Now is the perfect time to get involved with the site. 2nd Quarter traffic grew from 90,000 in 2010 to 280,000 in 2011 to 650,000 this year. We exceeded 2.5M views in 2012.

The VES is just another example of our commitment to the game while bringing the world of junior hockey closer together.

JuniorHockey.com is days away from completing the new VES and now is ready to start registering participating coaches and scouts. There is no cost to join, the only requirement is that each participant perform four evaluations a month and follow the no lateral contact rule during the recruitment process.

Coaches, Scouts & Recruiters: We would very much like to include you to that list.
Please take a few moments to get started using this link:


Once again, we are very excited about this program and what it means to the game. We are equally excited about your participation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at any time.

Thank you,

Stephen Heisler


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