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Published: Monday, 30 Apr 2012
By: David Cole

Building a team is never easy but here are some things that I thnk about when selecting roles for my teams.

1st Line

LW- Sniper, shooter, and scores at every level. Dependable, responsible, and  plays both ends of the rink.

C- Playmaker and a skill player. Experienced and sees the ice well. Good passer. Forehand and backhand. Makes good decisions.

RW- Physical and has good size. Goes to the net. A Physical presence, finish checks, and works hard.

2nd Line

LW- The grinder. Responsible player. Does the little things. Has presence on the ice, a calming influence with a good work ethic.

C- Skill, speed, and energy player. Makes things happen. Goes to traffic areas and encourages teammates.

RW- The sniper and shooter. A Proven player. Goes to net. Finds open space. In traffic controls puck.

3rd Line

LW-Energy player. Checker, tough. Penalty killer. Pursues the puck. Hard. Finish checks.

C- Effective checker, quick. Shuts down opposition."Big gun." Wins faceoffs. Strong defensively.

RW-Grinder, physical. Goes and plays with emotion, Reckless abandon. Good presence.

4th Line

LW-Pest type, good speed. Potential leader. Role player. Observes, listens and adjusts.

C-Development player. Speed and skill. Potential #1 center. Strong defensively.

RW-Developing player. Good skater. Strong on puck. Potential impact player. Good work ethic.


1st Line

LD-Experienced, stay home D-man. PP, PK, 30-35 minutes per game. Gets out of trouble. Dependable leader.

RD- Solid 3-5 D-man. Makes the first pass. Does not get beat 1 on 1. Gets the puck out of the D zone.

2nd Line

LD-Experienced, moves the puck well. Accurate passer. Reads and reacts well. PP, PK. Plays angles. On ice physical presence.

RD- Speed, skill, reads the play. Sees the ice well. Angles. Solid 1 on 1 defender. Blocks shots. Strong physically

3rd Line

LD- Stay home D-man. Not flashy but dependable. In the trenches role player. Blocks shots.

RD- Development D-man. Upside. Good feet. Mobile. Quick learner. Future leader.


#1- Proven, reliable, steady. Quick feet, quick hands. Aggressive. Handles the puck, communicates.

#2- Developing goalie. Good teammate. Supports #1, pushes him. Challenges. Good potential.
David Cole is a former coach in the OHA, AFHL, AWHL, GOJHL and the NAHL living in the Niagara region of Ontario enjoying his three sons and daughter playing the game of hockey.


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