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Published: Friday, 17 Jun 2011
By: Stephen Heisler  |  Web site: JuniorHockey.com

This Dish is going to be all over the place, so get a cup of coffee, relax, and let us have a bit of fun.
Did they really do it? The Junior Council elected to allow the United States Hockey League to implement a new pilot program that essentially raises the number of import players allowed from two to four. The decision for full approval is in the hands of USA Hockey's Executive leadership. A similar proposal was sent up the pipe last year and was rejected. Despite USA Hockey's obvious affection for the USHL, don't look for this proposal to get approved.
Personally, I'd like to see the import restriction modified to change the word citizen to resident. Considering the large amount of international residents in the United States, I feel this modification would be fair.
Here is a case that we had to deal with in Alaska. A player moved to Los Angeles, from Russia, as a two year old with his parents. His entire hockey career is within the structure of USA Hockey, but when he decides to play junior, he is considered an import because his family was content with their status as legal residents. This simply does not make sense.
Very few international players are going to be granted legal resident status without the corresponding move to the United States with their parents. A change in the wording of the bylaw would open up both junior and senior hockey to this select group of players.
I could only imagine the outrage from the National Football League if youth football disallowed tackling before the age of fourteen. Tackling is a fundamental core of the game. 
As is body checking in hockey. The rule change will ultimately retard to development of the game here in the United States. The impact will be felt, five years from now, when the national teams start to become soft. The strength of our national program will now become a weakness. Nice job USA Hockey.
Why not teach the kids the art of proper body checking instead of passing it along to the next level to deal with?
In most divorces, parents have to fight over who gets the children, not who has to keep them. The current rendition of the American West Hockey League is being forced to retain a few of the teams from the NORPAC. Something you would never hear in a divorce court. "Fine, force me to take them, we will just beat the snot out of em!"  A nice game plan really, eliminate the competition by pummeling them into extinction.
Regals FC traveled 1,200 miles to South Carolina on Tuesday and lost to the USL-PRO Charleston Battery 2-0. I'd only imagine that the Indianapolis Ice would feel really good about a 2-0 loss to the Ft Wayne Komets. http://thecup.us/2011-us-open-cup-first-round-charleston-battery-defeat-usasas-regals-fc-2-0/
There is a good possibility that AJH will be on the road next week, with a trip to Wisconsin, to take a good look at some exciting developments in the works. We should have pictures and a number of articles from Tuesday to Thursday.
Everybody has that favorite uncle. Mine was my mother's brother, Norman Hawkins. He passed earlier this week at 78 years-old. I have never known another with a clearer vision of what is important in life. Family to Uncle Norm was everything. My own father passed when I was a young child and Uncle Norm assumed the father role in my life for a number of years. The memories are fantastic and the life lessons have lasted forever.
Uncle Norm and Aunt Jeanette married as young teenagers and never looked back. Sixty+ years together have produced a family as beautiful as any.
I will never forget you Uncle Norm, the smiles will last forever.
What do you think?


posted Jun. 17th, 2011 - 10:07am
Steven Marks says:
So what happened to the Tier 3 structures within USAH (junior B, C etc) and is everyone in Jr. outside of the USHL satisfied with USAH's treatment?

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