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DAILY DISH: Corey Millen and Jason Clarke, Coaches of the Year
DAILY DISH: Corey Millen And Jason Clarke, Coaches Of The Year
by: Stephen Heisler
   3 mos., 13 days ago
JuniorHockey.com is proud to announce Corey Millen (USA) and Jason Clarke (Canada) as our Coaches of the Year for their level of play in each country. Corey Millen (USA Tier II), Minnesota Wilderness Corey Millen ... Read more »

DAILY DISH: JuniorHockey.com Coach of the Year
DAILY DISH: JuniorHockey.com Coach Of The Year
by: Stephen Heisler
   3 mos., 14 days ago
Every league passes out awards at the end of each season.  League MVP, Goalie of the Year, Organization of the Year, and yes, even Coach of the Year. Here at JuniorHockey.com, we like to think of ... Read more »

DAILY DISH: Wilderness Roll to Robertson Cup Championship
DAILY DISH: Wilderness Roll To Robertson Cup Championship
by: Stephen Heisler
   3 mos., 15 days ago
Minnesota Wilderness Head Coach Corey Millen must be a very happy man today, there's nothing like riding a 10 game winning streak straight through to a national championship.  Millen's machine steamrolled into Austin ... Read more »

Daily Dish: Cancer In The Family
by: Stephen Heisler
   3 mos., 18 days ago
How many times have we heard junior hockey clubs refer to their team as a family? We hear it again and again from coaches as they try to build the team or as the season winds up. How can any junior hockey team model ... Read more »

DAILY DISH: Friendly Reminder
by: Stephen Heisler
   3 mos., 19 days ago
One of the most overlooked benefits of being involved in the great game of hockey is the development of lifelong friendships. From mini mites to the National Hockey League, every player can tell you how important it ... Read more »

DAILY DISH: Evolution Of Pay-to-Play Hockey
by: Stephen Heisler
   3 mos., 20 days ago
USA Hockey approved and is sanctioning a record setting number of new clubs for the 2015-2016 season.  The common reaction from well-established teams across the spectrum is simply this; where are all the players coming from? ... Read more »

DAILY DISH: NAHL Robertson Cup Prediction (7.0 Final Edition)
by: Stephen Heisler
   3 mos., 21 days ago
Are you kidding me, how is it even possible to change a prediction seven times?  Needless to say, that is exactly what I have to do. I should go ahead and auction off my prediction to the highest ... Read more »

DAILY DISH: Red Hot Wilderness, Bruins To All-Minnesota NAHL Finals
by: Stephen Heisler
   3 mos., 22 days ago
The Minnesota Wilderness extended their winning streak to eight games while dispatching the top seeded Janesville Jets on the road in Wisconsin, two games to zero.  Corey Millen's group has lit ... Read more »

DAILY DISH: Janesville Jets, Soo Thunderbirds Riding The Mojo
by: Stephen Heisler
   3 mos., 25 days ago
The good folks here it JuniorHockey.com couldnt be prouder of the Janesville Jets and Soo Thunderbirds playing hockey in the month of May. The Jets continue their quest for the North American Hockey League's Robertson Cup in ... Read more »

DAILY DISH: The Value Of Integrity ( Owners' Edition)
by: Stephen Heisler
   3 mos., 26 days ago
In yesterday's Dish - we talked about integrity as it pertains to players and coaches.  Today we're going to get after the shady owners. There are two types of team owners; the hobbyist that does it for the love of the ... Read more »

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