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DAILY DISH: Time To Get Serious
It's rather ironic that Labor Day is considered the end of my personal vacation from the everyday grind of JuniorHockey.com. Don't get me wrong, I love being able to stay on top of the game from the wide perspective. Doing it for a ... Read more »
by: Stephen Heisler
   5 mos., 1 day ago

DAILY DISH: Midget-Junior Merger?
DAILY DISH: Midget-Junior Merger? There have been a number of discussions in the past concerning the possible merger of the midget and junior levels of play. I feel that such a collective management structure would enhance the ... Read more »
by: Stephen Heisler
   5 mos., 5 days ago

DAILY DISH: Future Of Pay-to-Play Hockey
It's that time of the year again. Undercapitalized junior programs will be falling by the wayside over the next few weeks. It's become an annual tradition to see a number of teams fail, leaving players to scramble for spots on ... Read more »
by: Stephen Heisler
   5 mos., 6 days ago

DAILY DISH: Love Me Tendered?
DAILY DISH: Love me Tendered? Being tendered by a North American Hockey League team is a lot like getting engaged. Like a potential bride, the prospect has committed that the team is the one and only. Like an engagement ... Read more »
by: Stephen Heisler
   5 mos., 7 days ago

DAILY DISH: Showcase What?
Everybody has a showcase these days and I can't help but wonder if it is all worth the time, money and effort. The North American Hockey League's annual event in Blaine, Minnesota has become the gold standard for others ... Read more »
by: Stephen Heisler
   5 mos., 8 days ago

DAILY DISH: Too Many Pay-to-Play Teams?
Yes. With that said, I'm not opposed to continued expansion if it means stronger ownership. Both USA Hockey and AAU would do themselves a huge favor if they eliminated the entire concept of restricted movement and forced their teams ... Read more »
by: Stephen Heisler
   5 mos., 13 days ago

DAILY DISH: Work for It "He's the hardest working player on the ice. He goes 100% in the classroom, in practice, the gym and in the games. Nobody works harder than that kid." In my 48 years of life, I've had the privilege of being ... Read more »
by: Stephen Heisler
   5 mos., 20 days ago

DAILY DISH: Emotional Control
DAILY DISH: Emotional Control Like everything, the game of ice hockey continues to evolve. Behavior that was acceptable twenty-years ago is ancient history today. Players and teams that have the proven ability to play a disciplined ... Read more »
by: Stephen Heisler
   5 mos., 21 days ago

DAILY DISH: Respect Of Your Peers
DAILY DISH: Respect of your Peers Coaches across the platform of junior hockey are in the final stages of filling their rosters. It is in these times when the true character of a coach and program start to emerge. Year after year ... Read more »
by: Stephen Heisler
   5 mos., 22 days ago

DAILY DISH: Best Pay-to-Play League?
DAILY DISH: Best Pay-to-Play League We are the best, no we are...that league stinks, come play here.... It goes on and on, every pay-to-play league in the country spends half their time trying to discredit one another...when is it going to ... Read more »
by: Stephen Heisler
   5 mos., 27 days ago

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