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Daily Dish: Blackout Hazing
by: Stephen Heisler
   3 weeks, 3 days ago
In the same manner that society has evolved from smoking on airplanes and restaurants, the practice of hazing in hockey has ran its course and needs to be eliminated. The good old boys will respond with "it helps mold ... Read more »

DAILY DISH: Paddy Flynn Joins JuniorHockey.ca
DAILY DISH: Paddy Flynn Joins JuniorHockey.ca
by: Stephen Heisler
   3 weeks, 4 days ago
Have you ever never met somebody that shares a 20+ year history with you? Maybe there were a few telephone conversations, mutual friends and more along the way? That pretty much sums up my relationship with ... Read more »

DAILY DISH: Dangers Of Depression
by: Stephen Heisler
   3 weeks, 5 days ago
Today's Daily Dish is going to go a little bit deeper than what is usually seen from the minimal level of intelligence that I'm working with.  Unfortunately, this is an issue that affects way too many of us; either directly or ... Read more »

DAILY DISH: Uh, Colorado Springs...We Have A Problem
DAILY DISH: Uh, Colorado Springs...We Have A Problem
by: Stephen Heisler
   4 weeks ago
We saw it coming back when USA Hockey approved memberships for new teams and even the new league.  Simply stated, there are now far too many pay-to-play roster spots available for too few ... Read more »

DAILY DISH: Writers and Broadcasters Wanted
DAILY DISH: Writers And Broadcasters Wanted
by: Stephen Heisler
   1 mo., 1 day ago
Here at JuniorHockey.com, the season never ends and that's where you fit in. The site has grown to provide the most extensive coverage of hockey's most exciting level of play. The flurry of news related to junior hockey never really ... Read more »

DAILY DISH: Information Revolution Creates a Players Market
DAILY DISH: Information Revolution Creates A Players Market
by: Stephen Heisler
   1 mo., 2 days ago
The junior hockey player in the United States has won. Thanks to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and sites like JuniorHockey.com, the information revolution has flipped the tables on team owners and leagues, creating a perfect situation ... Read more »

Daily Dish: 10,000,000 Visitors
by: Stephen Heisler
   1 mo., 3 days ago
JuniorHockey.com saw its 10,000,000th all-time visitor on Saturday, further establishing itself as the information center for the level of play on the continent. Getting to this point has never been easy and there have been a lot ... Read more »

DAILY DISH: Tobacco Is A Killer
by: Stephen Heisler
   1 mo., 6 days ago
The warning found on tobacco products clearly defines the risk of using the product. Athletes like San Diego Padres Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn have ignored the labels for decades despite knowing the risks. Gwynn is just one victim in a ... Read more »

Daily Dish: Shut Up and Play
Daily Dish: Shut Up And Play
by: Stephen Heisler
   1 mo., 7 days ago
Tier III leagues across the American System are debating about participating in USA Hockey's National Tournament. The question for us is simple, why do these leagues even have an option? The Eastern Junior Hockey League started this mess ... Read more »

Daily Dish: College Commitments
Daily Dish: College Commitments
by: Stephen Heisler
   1 mo., 7 days ago
Junior hockey programs have a way of treating college commitments like a badge of honor to influence the decision process of young hockey players.   The truth about college commitments is very simple.   Anything ... Read more »

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