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Canadian Defensewomen Joins HHG

Published: Tuesday, 25 Oct 2016
By: HHG Staff

The Heisler Hockey Group is proud to announce that Edmonton’s Taylor Greenall (’04) has joined the group after being recruited by HHG Advisor Matt Clark.

The 12 year-old is both the first Canadian and first female to join the group. Greenall is currently skating with SPS Fuzion Inferno with the full support of her family, friends, and now us here at HHG.

We can also appreciate her most important goal; to eventually play for Team Canada.

So the question is going to be asked; why would HHG take such a young player? Because it is very important to install the core principles needed to complete the journey to the collegiate level of play. With a heavy emphasis placed on the importance of character development and success in the classroom, it is a goal that our players are able to be delivered as an all-around complete package to college hockey programs.

Giving Greenall that foundation now will certainly enhance her overall developmental experience. Will it get the young lady to Team Canada? That remains to be seen. In this situation, the journey can be just as rewarding as the prize at the end of the road. We are very happy to be along for the ride.


Colorado Springs attorney Mark Lukehart and JuniorHockey.com’s Stephen Heisler teamed up to form The Heisler Hockey Group. HHG was founded with a single goal: to advise the families of youth/junior hockey athletes with regard to their child’s youth/junior hockey options, potential college options, the athlete’s potential for advancement to higher levels of hockey, while following the guidelines set forth by the NCAA to ensure the athlete’s eligibility is maintained.

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