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Hockey Fiasco
Jan 4, 2014 - 03:04 pm
Well Thank you Referees for deciding Canada's fate! Assists go to the USA Ref. Yes must agree we looked slow and not great in the first. First goal no problem flukey, Then in the second terrible all went south (pardon the pun!) How can you give 2 10 misconducts for those infractions! Not only that The first one was definitely ? The 2nd Yes Dumba should not have verbally abused the Ref but, in a game (1 game only) deciding gold medal round) a 10 min? These are young lads too boot, not 20 yr olds! Shame. Oh and the Fin player that supposedly his hand got hurt. Where was the blood or dislocation etc. Seemed he was ok. Why were the Fins able to choose any player to take his place. It should have been an equivalent player not the captain and excessive goal scorer. We had no chance after the first period the refs took it all away!No flow to the game after that! Yes we did not play as well as we should have done.When our guy got headed into the boards, the Fins got 2mins where is the justification for the 10min to our player? You did well to keep your cool guys in the third! Keep your heads held high. Play with all you've got against the Russians, and WIN WIN WIN!!!!!

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Jan 4th, '14
3.4 yrs ago

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