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What Does the JuniorHockey.com Prospects List Give Hockey Prospects?

The purpose of the JuniorHockey.com Prospects List is to help players find teams and coaches who will help them develop and maximize their potential on and off the ice while helping coaches recruit players who fit their needs and allow them to be successful. Simply put, the Prospects List is a tool. We canít promise any player a spot on a team and we canít promise a coach that a player he finds on the list will be the piece he needs to win a championship. What we can promise is to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible and a user-friendly, easily accessible method for providing it.

The Advantages of the Prospects-List


As part of a 5,000 player database hosted on juniorhockey.com, the Prospects-List profile gives each player an incredible and highly accessible and relevant vehicle to market himself to prospective junior and college coaches. In addition to being a resource for coaches, the Prospects Listís association with juniorhockey.com as an online news source gives the player an opportunity to gain further exposure to a daily readership through articles and updates.


Letís face it. Information is the most valuable tool a coach at any level can have and the most valuable information is current information. Change is inevitable. When a player is added or dropped from a roster, that status should be updated. Updated free agent lists and current information gives the coach an easily accessible method of researching the player and the contact information needed to recruit him.


It is important to understand that the Prospects List and juniorhockey.com, or their respective staffs are not agents or family advisors. That said, our staff is readily available to address any concerns you have and to act as a mediator should the need for resolution arise. Our representatives are genuine hockey people who are interested in helping the game thrive.


Each player in our database receives their own page, complete with its own web address (juniorhockey.com/playername). This page contains very basic information, but with an Prospects List membership, it can become a very valuable marketing tool. The Prospects List page allows a player to add academic achievements and test scores, embed YouTube or personal scouting video, outline academic, personal and athletic goals and promote themselves to coaches throughout junior and college hockey in North America.

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